Guess What – Today’s topic is COMMUNICATION!

Whatever the size of your company, your team represents the most significant investment both in time and in money, and ultimately determines the success or failure of the organization.

It seems obvious, yet over and over again I see issues with communication and I see the most communication issues with very small teams or companies. Communication is an essential and powerful tool that can have an enormous impact on the success of any organization small or large.

Effective communication increases engagement, makes a team more productive, drives growth and even makes for a happier and more fun work environment. Conversely, poor communication can have irreversible damaging effects, because once a team looses trust in each other it is hard if not impossible to get it back.

Having observed many teams, it is clearer than ever that absolute and total honesty and open communication (no back channel conversations or clandestine meetings about one another) is critical to running a successful team.

My favorite tips and tools that you can use to improve communication are in this blog by Amy Rees Anderson – As Communication Improves, Culture Improves, as Does the Bottom Line — 4 Tools That Make a Difference.  In this blog she includes four ideas, my favorite is the Daily Message Board.