Today March 30 is my birthday, I want to gift you a couple of tips I was given by my amazing mentors on how to be a great leader.

Good leadership is essential to business.  Having a great idea or business goal and assembling a team to bring that concept/goal to life is the first step in creating success.  However if you are responsible for that success, your job is to consistently get the best out of your team and for this you must supply leadership.

Here are two easy to action tips given to be by my amazing mentors that you can immediately follow;

  1. Lead by asking.  Seek first to understand is a habit of highly effective people that really works.  For any kind of difficult conversion start by asking questions to understand “why” you are in the position you are.  Never make assumptions and never be critical unless you have fully understood the situation and facts first.
  2. Take the time to know your team.  In order to be a great leader your team needs to respect you, not just listen to you because you are their boss.  Take the time to understand them.  You need to know their dreams, ambitions and goals.  I learned it is not possible to do this inside a work environment,  take the time to meet outside the office.  Take your team members for a coffee or a beer and just sit and listen – really listen.