A Pre-Accelerator, Connecting Women Entrepreneurs to the Right Customers, Investors and Acquirers


Step by step online training and on-demand coaches guide your idea into profitable reality


Reinvestment of profit!  Investing in your success funds women owned businesses


Colliders Pre-Accelerator is the world’s only online education and coaching program for women entrepreneurs that provides step by step resources, templates and contacts needed to research, validate, package, position and sell your idea to fuel revenue to get you beyond that critical cash flow break-even point.

We offer the support that female entrepreneurs need to get started!



We provide step by step education and related templates, on-demand coaches and a private peer group of support to help you create, refine, and test your business models


From day one, we match our portfolio companies with potential mentors, board members, enterprise customers and investors.


On demand legal, marketing and technical resources guide you through the process of building and launching a viable product or service.


We only take equity from project based financing.

Our Program


Through our program our members receive core training in short digestible 10-15 minute videos.  Each training session comes with resource guides and templates that have real life data examples.  All sessions come with on-demand coaching.

For those who need a more hands-on approach, you can purchase pre-paid bundles of work.  Some examples include;

  • Legal formation of your company
  • Build, update and host your website
  • Build and ghost write your blog
  • Social media management
  • Market research
  • Design your app
  • Prototype your app using Flinto or InVision
  • Fundraising – you focus on your business, let us do the research, pitch outline and waterfall documents



Private community of peers and mentors to help answer your questions 24/7


10 minute education modules with templates and checklists that contain real data for you to build upon


We only take equity from project based financing. All profits from Colliders are reinvested into tools for this virtual community and into an investment fund for selected portfolio companies


Packages of work you can purchase at a discount for that extra help.

This will expedite a step you may not have expertise in.


Contact us to understand the tuition fees for Colliders. Our corporate sponsors subsidize the price for you but in return we expect you to spend at least 10 hours per week working on your idea.

The minute you enroll coaches will be available to you through an office hours program to give you feedback on your business ideas, review your homework, troubleshoot any issues and motivate you to follow through.

The online program has limited numbers so please email or sign up on our waiting list at the bottom of this site if you are interested.

We are also excited to select two portfolio companies that will be used as example companies. You can follow them every step of the way through the program. These companies will receive the additional benefit of the corporate matching, project based investment and are guaranteed monthly press coverage throughout the program.


Colliders provided two mentors in the form of successful women in the tech and children’s toy industry; we gained so much knowledge that, while we had to pivot from our original idea, we discovered far more about our potential customers and what they will pay for.

The Colliders team are inspiring and influential mentors. Through their encouragement, As Girls Grow is now developing the first generation of girls engineering play sets and an online community, and is targeting specific partners for direct sales.

Akamee Baca Malta

CoFounder and CEO, As Girls Grow

This team is a genuine guru of startups. They truly have been through it all and are utterly selfless in giving time to help new entrepreneurs. Their advice is golden…follow it!

Jennifer Anderson

CoFounder and CEO, Sustrana

The Colliders team clear, concise presentation of the Business Model Framework encouraged me to think more critically and creatively about the viability of my idea. By the end of two short sessions, I’d developed, tested and overhauled the financial model—twice. I can’t imagine what they could make happen with even more time!

Lindsay Ifill


Being Grateful!

Entrepreneurs are known for being ambitious go-getters but the flip side of this are often feelings of humility and gratitude.  These feelings reflect that life as a business founder isn’t always fun and easy. Entrepreneurs know how hard it can be to get a business...

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Do you need help to start or grow a new business? Attend this FREE event in Malvern.

Do you have an idea for a business and need help to get started or grow your existing company to new heights?
This panel event (with breakfast) features entrepreneurs whose businesses are at different stages: A new start-up, a self-funded start-up that sells to corporations; an SBIR grant funded early-stage biotech company; a tech start-up that raised $5M and a serial entrepreneur who has sold two companies for over $15M and is on her way to a third. Attend this breakfast for amazing tips and lessons learned.

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INNOVATEHER: Put yourself in the running. Even if you don’t get chosen, you will get noticed

I am very proud that Colliders Accelerator, The Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), in conjunction with the University City Science Center, Robin Hood Ventures and Techgirlz, were selected as the steering committee for the Philadelphia Region “InnovateHER Competition”.
All applications for the Philadelphia region competition are due by Friday October 23 2015.

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